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Lucky Tiger is one of the prominent Australian online casinos. A lot of features on this platform, in fact, are tailored specifically for use by Aussies. It’s not to say you won’t be as comfortable here playing from other countries, but if you’re from this country, you’ll have a grand time, that’s for sure.

Australia aside, Lucky Tiger Casino offers a good variety of games and bonuses, which is what most people look at, anyway. Other providers might have larger selections, but that means there are bound to be bad and mediocre games. Here, everything is carefully picked out. Moreover, they compensate it with the category abundance.

In addition, this design is very well structured, in addition to its great visual aesthetic. It’s just a minor detail for some, but these things are part of what makes platforms comfortable and enjoyable. In short, every section is easy to navigate and pleasant to look at, which is actually rather rare for these websites.

You can enjoy the full functionality of this casino if you login into Lucky Tiger. For that, you need to create an account, obviously. At this stage, you don’t want to submit too much of your info, and you won’t.

But you also won’t get off by filling out a 3-line form and going about your business.

Sign Up Lucky Tiger

To create a login with Lucky Tiger, you need to go through several simple steps. It doesn’t require you to provide extensive documentation about your person, but you’ll have to spend a minute or two signing up for these services. If you’ll need to withdraw money, however, you will need to provide some papers.

There are 3 steps, and that’s what they entail:

  1. The 1st step contains basic information: username, password & the e-mail address. You need to submit these details to proceed to the next phase;
  2. The 2nd step is about your personal information: name, surname, gender (male/female), date of birth;
  3. The 3rd step is about your current location: country, zip-code, city, region, address, phone number and the preferred currency

When you fill out all these forms, you’ll be able sign in into Lucky Tiger Casino. Of course, the bits where you have to submit personal data might throw off some users, but it’s all for security. Lucky Tiger asks about these things to minimize the number of cheaters and hackers.

This information won’t be used anywhere except to verify your person within the casino. The data privacy is of utmost concern here.

And, as for the currency bit, only American (USD) and Australian (AUD) dollars can be used on the website. That being said, you can deposit other currencies (and even cryptocurrencies), but they’ll be converted into the selected currency at a fixed rate, which might marginally be to your loss or gain.

You can specify what currency (AUD or USD) you want when you create a login for Lucky Tiger, and you can’t change it later.

Lucky Tiger Casino Bonus

Order of deposit

Bonus size


First deposit

260% + 100% cashback


Second deposit

280% + 100% cashback


Third deposit

300% + 50% cashback


Speaking of deposits, there are some very generous bonuses related to deposits on this platform. Namely, there are three sizeable gifts for each of your three initial depositions. These are, as follows:






This obviously needs explanation, so let’s get on top of it right now.

First of all, you can only claim these bonuses once per account, and only one bonus per deposit. Obviously, you can only claim these for your 1st, 2nd and 3rd depositions, and never else. If you lose out on one, you won’t be able to claim it any longer. So, be attentive when you deposit money.

You also need to login into Lucky Tiger first, make sure you’re in account.

The bonus size is a bit tricky, because the website gives mixed signals about it and confuses limit and bonus size on several occasions. For each deposition, you can claim a bonus worth 260%, 280% or 300% your actual deposit respectively. For each of them, you also get cashback in the form of free spins.

Yes, Lucky Tiger Casino gives you free spins in case of loss, and there’s some formula that calculates how valuable these spins are. So, if you lost some money, you’ll be given a number free spins worth 100% or 50% this amount.

The limit means the maximum amount of money you can receive as bonus. So, if your bonus is 260%, and the maximum is $2600, you won’t get additional money if you deposit more than $10. That being said, these bonuses are only eligible if you deposit $25 or more, weirdly enough.

You also can’t withdraw any winnings you gain from spending this bonus on games in Lucky Tiger Casino unless you bet this bonus at least 30 times, for each of these deposits.

In short, you receive 3 practice opportunities you can’t receive simultaneously until you decide you’ve had enough with a previous bonus and claim a new one.

No Deposit Bonus

There’s a Lucky Tiger No Deposit Bonus, like in many other places. However, they reserve the right to just remove it from the roster sometimes and not offer it for some time. There are still rules for it, and you can find them rather easily, but the bonus itself, in addition to its size and other parameters, varies all the time.

The amount you may receive from the bonus, if they decide to provide it in the future, will have to be wagered on slots, cards or roulettes – 50, 50 or 60 times respectively. It means that you’ll have to use the bonus money in practice for some time, although there may still be some returns.

Because it’s considered a practice gift to let you know the ropes, you might not win a whole lot, but at least you won’t lose any of your own money. You can still gain some, but the withdrawal maximum is about $500, which means any bonus winnings that exceed this amount will be forfeited.

It’s not bad, considering you don’t even play with your money, and all you need to do is login into Lucky Tiger.

Review Lucky Tiger Australia

There’s more to any online casino than just monetary bonuses, obviously. You won’t have a good time just from bonuses. There’s also a question of games, the payment methods and other basic stuff you’ll have to encounter. But these deserve their own sections. For now, let’s address the general state of Lucky Tiger.

It’s a popular platform with a sprawling audience, which still raises the question of transparency, security, safety and comfort. These problems aren’t as exciting, but they are very much worth discussing.

Transparency-wise, Lucky Tiger Casino provides extensive information about how they process your data and what you need to do to claim bonuses, contact the customer support and generally be comfortable on the platform. You can find all of this in the ‘privacy’ & ‘terms and conditions’ category. So, they don’t hide anything.

In terms of legality, it’s a perfectly legal, licensed company. They aren’t certified in Australia, but instead in Curacao. A license is still a license, and you can find all the information you need about their whereabouts, exploits and history in free access – go to the bottom and click the ‘Gaming Curacao’ button.

Customer support is also not too bad. Anyone with a Lucky Tiger login can contact their agents via e-mail, call them or just write an inner message. These reach them within an hour, and you’ll have a thorough piece of advice for your problem afterwards. The customer service is normally polite and available in several languages.

As for comfort, this website navigates easily and looks good, which is more than most websites have to offer. Moreover, it runs without many technical issues and with a good deal of stability.

Slot machines

Slots are obviously the most beloved game category in any casino, which is why Lucky Tiger Casino added a lot of these into their portfolio. There are many different slot games on offer in their respective category, and it’s by far the biggest library they have on this platform.

The quantity is outstanding, but it’s really more about quality. They’ve selected the better providers out of the bunch. There are some popular, fun games such as Achilles, Asgard, Aztec’s Treasures, Cleopatra’s Gold, Cash Bandits and many more – about 150 in total.

Unfortunately, you don’t get to sort them by type, provider, style or anything else. You can only look for a specific title if you have some game in mind. Besides that, you’ll have to look around manually. Fortunately, it seems the more popular and demanded games are in the top of the list.

You can pick the ‘latest’ and ‘popular’ categories, but they include all games, not just slot titles.

It seems they’re targeting the people who already know what they’re looking for, while also putting the most obvious choices above for users who’ve just got their Lucky Tiger login and never were to a casino before. Looking through this mass of slot games isn’t really feasible, nor will these pictures give you any sort of idea of what’s inside.

There’s also no tool to distinguish different types of slots, despite the fact that they all differ based on how they work. Fortunately, there are only basic types without stuff like bonus buy, mystery drops and without the classic titles that only give you 3 slots and a list of winning combinations.

These are available to anyone, you only need to login into Lucky Tiger.

Live Casino Lucky Tiger

Despite it being a rather popular genre, there is no section for live casinos on Lucky Tiger. There are a lot of substitutes, but live broadcasts aren’t available here.

Live casino games are usually table games or roulettes with real dealers broadcasting their work to anyone who wants to participate. The wagers and other gambling decisions are done from your end and are only valid for you – no one else sees them; the dealer and the cards on the table, however, are seen to everyone.

Put simply, it’s not on Lucky Tiger. Part of the decision to not add them is because it doesn’t fit the aesthetic. Lucky Tiger Casino is a pleasant, sweet-looking entertainment platform. Live games don’t really fit the design because this website is all about cartoon images and bright colors.

Moreover, you need to actually host these, at least partially. It means that some burden from having live broadcasts play on your website will fall on you. This may eat up the resources or congest the infrastructure. In short, it’s better off this way for optimization reasons.

Lastly, there are still blackjack, poker and table games, just not with a live dealer. You can always go for live games somewhere else. For some with a Lucky Tiger login, there are many other options.

Game categories

The game selection on Lucky Tiger includes a variety of games, divided into several key categories. The unique (unrepeating) categories include table games, slots, poker and specialties.

Table games are all sorts of card games, roulettes and other casino games played at a table. Funnily enough, it also includes poker – or the less classic variations of it, anyway. This category holds many versions of blackjack, poker, baccarat, roulette and some other games. 

Slots you already know of. It’s only important to add that this section has the biggest game selection, and most bonuses apply to slots.

Poker is self-explanatory. This category includes many varieties of poker from different providers. This section isn’t too big, but even considering that this bit is just poker, there is a lot to choose from.

Specialties unite all the games that don’t exactly fit the other three categories. It’s a mix of special table games, subcategories that are too few to give them their own section and varieties of classic games that differ too wildly from the originals, which might confuse players who stumble upon them.

Payment methods

In order to deposit or withdraw money, you’ll have to login into Lucky Tiger, submit details of your preferred payment method and follow the instructions.

You can pick one of 5 methods to deposit money and one of 3 to withdraw them. It’s not the crazy amount of money transfer instruments other casinos might have, but it’s still enough to get the money to and fro. You don’t really need anything else to successfully deposit and withdraw money here.

The deposit methods include several ways:

For most of these, the min-max amounts are $25-$1000. Neosurf allows $10-$250, for its part. The transactions are near instantaneous and don’t require commissions from Lucky Tiger Casino Australia.

The withdrawal methods are more modest:

For all of these, the minimal amount for withdrawal is $100, while the maximum is $2000 (for a week) and $500 (for a day). You don’t have to pay additional commissions, but it’ll take longer for card transfers or bank transfers to arrive (7-10 & 5-7 days respectively). You’ll also need to provide some documentation if you want to withdraw the money.

Reviews from Lucky Tiger players

Most users with a Lucky Tiger login commend the Lucky Tiger on account of it being rather rich in terms of content, comfortable, pleasantly designed, stable and well-supported.

There are complaints regarding somewhat confusing and contradictory instructions in some areas – particularly, when it comes to claiming and using bonuses. But it seems to be mismanagement and not some malevolent actions. This casino doesn’t seem to be malevolent, anyway.

All the payments done inside the casino and as transfers to and from it are secure and always arrive on time, even if it means waiting a few days. And if you can’t receive the money, you can always contact the support, and they’ll be able to help. In general, this casino is considered reliable and comfortable.

It’s also a bit harder to login into Lucky Tiger, but only marginally.

FAQ Login Lucky Tiger Casino

What Welcome Bonus awaits the new players on Lucky Tiger?

There is a possibility of a no-deposit Welcoming Bonus, however it’s often removed from the system and added again with new contents, so you need to keep your finger on the pulse with this one.

What are the conditions for receiving of the first deposit bonus?

You need to be new on Lucky Tiger, make your first deposit ($25 or more) and claim the bonus. People who already claimed it before or have other accounts with the bonus already claimed aren’t extended the gift again.

What method can I use to make a deposit?

There are several popular payment instruments for that: several card payments, cryptocurrency wallets, NeoSurf, PayID and BPay.

Why is Lucky Tiger so popular in Australia?

Part of the reason is that the platform only supports American and Australian dollars as currencies, and that it’s also run by Australians.

How do I sign up on the website quickly?

To login into Lucky Tiger, you need to create a username, a password, submit your e-mail, share personal details, as well as your current location. It only takes a minute in total.

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